Desktop Publishing, Translation and Project Management


  •  Low price relative to the industry competitors
    – Low overhead
    – Efficient use of resources
    – Sound cost structure
    – Construction and maintenance of translation memories
  • Quick and efficient
    – Professional and motivated employees and human knowledge
    – 24/7 reachable
    – Construction and maintenance of translation memories
    – Decentralized decision making
    – Organic company structure
  • High quality
    – Quality Assurance (QA) programme after DTP
    – 15 years of industry experience and know-how
    – Construction and maintenance of translation memories
  • 24/7 employable
    – Acknowledgement of contractors’ product deadlines
    – Extremely flexible work hours
    – Time zone differences
    – Nearby company housing facility
  • Extensive network of translators, desktop publishers and printers
    – Professional, certified employees
    – Target language is always the mother tongue of our translators
  • Small and large projects manageable/executable
    – Flexible employee work hours
    – Low overhead
  • Establishment of an open business to business relationship
    – Easy and personal communication
    – Our operations manager always attends his customers
    – Fair and respectful treatment of our customers
  • Expertise in all contempory industry areas
    – More than 15 years of industry experience
    – Up-to-date software utilization